Tom Whitmore

Tom Whitmore

Developer & architect, blogger and evangelist by night — my name’s Tom and I’ve been honing the art of software for 20 years.

Let’s talk clean, beautiful & future-proof software.

From low level bug-proofness and performance, to the art of software configurability and extensible design — this is about perfection!

My first insight came from Inside Macintosh volume one — and the sheer clarity of pixel drawing in the API.

That sheer purity of concept, of pixels being between the coordinate lines, blew my mind. (Unlike GW-BASIC, it makes the width of a rectangle correct). To this day, this clarity is what I aim for in software.

I have over 25 successful projects under my belt, with a significant focus on lead roles, design & architecture work. I have strong experience in persistence frameworks, database technologies, and am the author of a US patent.

I’ve not a big-shot myself, but have worked with a few along the way.

Software & OO design are my passion, with a focus on simplicity, reliability & correctness. This is my blog to try and communicate those fundamental insights — of simplicity, clarity & power which deliver true strength.

I live in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand and am available for contract & educational work. See my LinkedIn profile: nz.linkedin.com/in/thomaswhitmore/

Enjoy reading, and leave me a comment if you like it!

One thought on “About”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I read your post “Checked exceptions: Java’s biggest mistake”. I had a similar post: http://tri-katch.blogspot.com/2016/02/java-checked-exception-is-bad.html.

    I have been thinking about redesigning exception mechanism (not only limited to Java) for 9+ years (http://www.theserverside.com/news/thread.tss?thread_id=43820#225361). And here is the result:


    Could you take a look and comment? If possible, I would like to join forces with others to improve exception mechanism in all languages (in the same process, make checked exception completely obsolete – I wish we can eliminate it but that does not seem to be possible).


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