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Silent Thread death from unhandled exceptions

Threading is easy in Java, but today I was reminded of another of its pitfalls.

In Java- or container-provided threads, unhandled exceptions from our code will be printed or logged to the console. Create your own Thread or use SwingWorkerThreadPoolExecutor, and it’s a different story..

Threaded code tends to die silently. Nothing on the console or logs. Unhandled exceptions are invisible, and leave very few clues. Let’s look at why.

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Logging — our most effective debugging tool?

Logging frameworks have become a standard part of projects, since Servlets and Log4J first emerged. But how should we log? Are we getting the most we can from it?

Many developers see logging & debugging as separate tasks. When confronted with a problem we set breakpoints, step through, inspect variables, and trace through loops – often finishing hours later..

Finding problems this way is hard. Does it have to be so difficult? Could there be a way to get right to the problem area, in just minutes? Sometimes without even needing to step through? Continue reading