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Production Troubleshooting Methodology

Software issues in Production can be some of the most demanding challenges a team can face, especially when occurring on a system outside of your control.

Adapted from the¬†OODA loop¬†— a military strategy used to describe the decision cycle of observe, orient, decide and act — this process¬†formalizes an approach to¬†take control, establish facts, and progress towards a resolution for even the most difficult problems.

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Logging — our most effective debugging tool?

Logging frameworks have become a standard part of projects, since Servlets and Log4J first emerged. But how should we log? Are we getting the most we can from it?

Many developers see logging & debugging as separate tasks. When confronted with a problem we set breakpoints, step through, inspect variables, and trace through loops ‚Äď often finishing hours later..

Finding problems this way is hard. Does it have to be so difficult? Could there be a way to get right to the problem area, in just minutes? Sometimes without even needing to step through? Continue reading